For the safety and well-being of our employees and valued customers, the Aquascape Construction Water Gardening Store and Inspiration Center is following social distancing procedures. We are also accepting product orders via phone at 630.659.2070 and will make arrangements for curbside pick-up. To place or pick up your order, please call 630.659.2070.

Visit our state-of-the-art Aquascape Pond Shop and Inspiration Center in St. Charles, IL for all your water feature needs and pond supplies! We carry everything from pond kits to pond pumps and filters, pond and landscape lighting, fish care and plant care supplies, a variety of aquatic plants, beautiful koi and other pond fish, and so much more. We're truly a one-stop shop.

In addition, you'll enjoy viewing our indoor and outdoor displays that feature a variety of ponds, Pondless® waterfalls, and decorative water features to help you envision the beauty that can be created in your own backyard - or front yard! Our professional and experienced staff are ready to answer your questions and assist you with creating a personal paradise that suits your style and budget.

Pond Fish Experience

Enjoy the new Pond Fish Experience located inside the Aquascape Pond Shop and Inspiration Center! View and select Japanese and domestic koi and other popular pond fish from our new indoor ponds, complete with viewing deck and viewing window! You'll also enjoy seeing our rescue turtles and Asian water monitor in the newly constructed "Greg’s Turtletopia" exhibit. The jungle atmosphere combines with our smart controlled color-changing lights to create a truly unique experience.

Shop Incredible Japanese Koi

Visit our brand-new indoor koi ponds and shop our exclusive collection of Japanese koi imported from Japan.

Available Waterlilies

Discover the variety of waterlilies we have available for you to purchase and take home. We selected the best performers in a variety of colors for you to enjoy all pond season long. Our collection of hardy lilies will survive Chicago winters so that you can relish them again next year!


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Pond Supplies Store

Indoor Displays

Ecosystem Pond with Waterfall

This 7’x9’ Aquascape ecosystem pond with a waterfall is ideal for small fish and aquatic plants. Its compact size ensures it will fit in almost any space. The pond is enhanced with a beautiful Spillway Bowl.

  Starting price with Spillway Bowl is $17,041.41 installed.
  Starting price without Spillway Bowl is $14,550 installed.

Fish and plants not included.
Financing available. Ask us for details.

Stacked Slate Spheres

Our popular slate finish is now available in a sphere-shaped fountain. The uneven edges of the spheres create a unique sound in the garden as water spills over each edge. Enjoy just one Stacked Slate Sphere, or group the various sizes together for a truly stunning water feature display.

  Starting at $3,750 installed.

Financing available. Ask us for details.

Stacked Multi-Fountain Display

Stacked Slate Walls and Spillway Bowls partner together to create a focal point wherever they are located. Bowls and walls can be mixed and mingled to create a custom water feature that can be enjoyed indoor or outdoors.

  Starting at $17,500 installed.

Financing available. Ask us for details.

AquaGarden Mini Pond Kit

The complete kit includes everything you need to get started to create your own mini pond. Add your favorite plants to the water garden like houseplants, herbs, or marginal plants. The lower pond area holds 5-7 gallons of water and is a great place for floating plant, a dwarf water lily, or small fish.

  $199.98 for the kit.

Plants and fish not included

Pondless Waterfall - The Frog

You are viewing the Aquascape Pondless® Waterfall, one of our most popular water features. Enjoy the soothing sights and sounds of water cascading over rocks before spilling into a sub-surface reservoir where the water is re-circulated to start the journey anew. This unique waterfall starts with our beautiful Stacked Slate Sphere.

  Starting at $7,200 installed.

Plants not included.
Financing available. Ask us for details.

Pondless Waterfall - The Tadpole

You are viewing a small Pondless Waterfall that can fit into almost any location. The water flows over the rocks and empties into a sub-surface reservoir which holds a pump. The water is then re-circulated to the top of the falls to begin the journey anew. This feature is ideal for adding the soothing sights and sounds of water to your garden spaces.

  Starting at $4,750 installed.

Plants not included.
Financing available. Ask us for details.

Pondless Waterfall - The Bullfrog

This large Aquascape Pondless® Waterfall was created with just six boulders. The water is continually recirculated up to the beginning of the waterfall and melodiously cascades over the impressive stones. Add water-loving plants in and around your waterfall to naturalize and incorporate it into your landscape.

  Starting at $31,797 installed.

Plants not included.
Financing available. Ask us for details.

Ecosystem Pond - Samson's Oasis

You are looking at a large Aquascape ecosystem pond, which is ideal for fish and aquatic plants. This pond is currently home to 10 turtles and numerous koi. Greg Wittstock, owner and CEO of Aquascape Inc., built his first pond to house Samson, his pet turtle. Who knew a boy’s dream of owning a healthy pond for his turtle would eventually become a life-long journey of helping others enjoy the water feature lifestyle?

  Starting at $25,300 installed.

Fish, turtles, and plants not included.
Financing available. Ask us for details.

Ecosystem Pond - The Bullfrog

This is our large Aquascape ecosystem pond with cascading waterfall. This pond is perfect for several healthy koi and a variety of aquatic plants. Watch the fish swim and feed them a bit of fish food. If you’re brave enough, you’ll find they might eat right out of your hand! Koi make great pets and kids love watching them glide through the water. Did you know that the oldest-living koi is over 200 years old?

  Starting at $51,208 installed.

Fish and plants not included.
Financing available. Ask us for details.

Spillway Bowl and Basin

You are viewing the Aquascape Spillway Bowl, made from glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) with a beautiful patina. The Spillway Bowl creates a soothing, spilling water feature. Keep the design simple with just one or two bowls, or link several together for an impressive display. Step outside to the AquaGardens and you'll see them suspended with decorative chains! Also available as the Spillway Bowl and Basin Landscape Fountain Kit.

  Starting at $24,852 installed.

Financing available. Ask us for details.

Mongolian Basalt Columns

You are looking at the Aquascape Mongolian Basalt Columns Fountain. This set of core-drilled stone from the Mongolian region creates a stunning water feature display. Add one near your front entrance to greet visitors, or place the fountain near a patio or deck. You’ll enjoy its melodious sound from inside the house when you keep the windows open.

  Starting at $3,750 installed.

Financing available. Ask us for details.

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