It’s not unusual when people want to upgrade their existing pond or waterfall, just like upgrading a kitchen with the latest appliances or cabinets. Did you know that Aquascape Construction provides a number of ways to enhance your existing water feature?

Wetland filter: If you have a lot of fish, a wetland filter is the best way to keep your pond water healthy and clean for your finned friends. A wetland filter takes the place of your BioFalls Filter and tremendously increases the filtration that’s needed for people who like to keep a lot of fish.

wetland filter with aquatic iris


Pond and landscape lighting: When you add lights to your pond, you extend the number of hours that you view and enjoy your water feature. Not to mention, it’s fun to watch swim through the beam of lights or watch frogs cascade across the pond’s surface at night. Underwater and landscape lights create spectacular ambiance to your yard and pond during the evening hours. Choose from white or color-changing lights.

Color-changing pond and waterfall lights


Fountains and spitters: Add an element of art and whimsy with decorative fountains and spitters that can be installed along the pond’s edge, at the top of a waterfall, or in shallow areas of the pond. Not only do they look great and personalize your pond or waterfall, but they help to increase oxygen levels by adding to the recirculation of water.

Fountains near and in a pond


Waterfall rehab: Did you know that your existing waterfall can be given a new look and sound with a little tweaking? No waterfall is too big or too small for a makeover. Moving just a few rocks can make a difference in not only how your waterfall looks, but in the way it sounds, too.

Waterfall with frog statue


If you’re ready to add a new enhancement to your pond, waterfall, or fountain, give us a call at 630.659.2057 to schedule a consultation for your water feature upgrade.