Container water gardening is a rapidly-growing garden hobby and provides an opportunity for a new group of plants. Plants are what makes your container water garden, well, a garden! They add texture, interest, and a splash of color to a patio, garden, or other indoor or outdoor space. They also help keep the water clear and free of algae, while providing perching spots for birds.

To make choosing plants for your mini pond easier, we’re sharing our list of favorite aquatic plants for smaller water gardens. And even better – you can add any of these plants to any size pond, large or small! Not to mention, you can even add small fish to your aquatic container, creating your very own mini pond to enjoy without ever having to pick up a shovel.

1. Parrots Feather, Red-stemmed

Myriophyllum brasiliense

Feathery lime green foliage on vibrant red stems creates a mat that will spill over the edge of your container. Place it in full sun to partial shade. It grows 3” to 4” tall and is a great choice for both small ponds and container water gardens.

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