Aquascape, Inc. :: Aqualand, St. Charles, Illinois

A 250' x 90' foot ecosystem pond with waterfalls graces the front of Aquascape’s corporate office. Known as our Signature Pond, the feature was created to replicate the Illinois watershed. In addition, the feature includes a stormwater management plan that uses run-off as an asset on the property. Rainwater flows down the large, sloping green roof and into a nearby retention pond, where it is then pumped into the expansive water feature. Two waterfalls exist at the north end of the feature; one of which is 10-feet high with a grotto for behind-the-falls viewing. The waterfalls cascade into a 10-foot deep ecosystem pond with an array of beautiful koi and waterlilies. The water slows down as it traverses limestone outcroppings, located near a constructed wetland filter that aids in the health and cleanliness of the pond. The water then flows over a vanishing waterfalls system before emptying into a reservoir where it’s recirculated to repeat the journey.

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