Parks and Recreation

Education is key in most parks and recreational areas and a strong focus is on creating awareness for water conservation. Water is our most precious resource and a top concern throughout the world. The more the public understands about this prized natural resource, the better equipped they are to make smart choices regarding water use and conservation. Water features in public places help to show water as it was intended – clean and healthy, giving life to its surroundings.

Orchard Valley Golf Course

A deteriorating pond and waterfall at the entrance to the Orchard Valley Golf Course community in Aurora was in desperate need of a renovation.


Glacier Canyon Lodge

Aquascape Construction installed a half-mile long waterfall and stream with a series of cascades and rapids that replicate what you might see in the wilderness.


Peck Farm

Hitchcock Designs contacted Aquascape Construction to design and build an 80-foot long interactive stream that runs through the outdoor educational area of Peck Farm in Geneva, Illinois.