When spring is here, your fish are coming back to life and you may even see plant growth. Understand your fish’s special needs and ensure a healthy pond ecosystem as your pond transitions from winter into spring and summer.

Pond Cleanout

Water Temperature Below 50°F:
The best time to perform a pond cleanout is before the water temperature in the pond creeps above 50º F. If a cleanout is performed when the water is warmer, bacteria colonies have formed and cleaning the pond could disrupt the ecosystem.

Plants and Bacteria

Beneficial bacteria living in the biological filter and throughout the rocks and gravel in the pond are a key component to achieving crystal clear water and reducing pond maintenance. The bacteria, similar to aquatic plants, consume excess nutrients but are also capable of breaking down organic debris. It is important to the pond’s ecosystem for these maintenance microbes to become established as early in the spring as possible.

  • Water Temperature Above 40°F:
    Ease your pond into the season by adding one dose of Pond Starter Bacteria to help reestablish the biological ecosystem.
  • Water Temperature Below 50°F:
    To further establish the ecosystem add regular treatments of Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria.
  • Water Temperature Above 60°F:
    Switch to regular treatments of Beneficial Bacteria formulated for warmer temperatures.
Beneficial bacteria for ponds


  • Water Temperature 50°F to 60°F:
    Fish become more active as the weather warms up, but don’t feed them until your pond water reaches 50° F.  Their metabolism is too slow to digest the food properly, which can cause your fish to become sick.  When you do start feeding them, begin with small amounts of a quality fish food formulated for colder water temperature, such as Aquascape Premium Cold Water Fish Food Pellets.
  • Water Temperature Above 60°F:
    This is a good time to transition to a food that is formulated for everyday use such as Aquascape Premium Staple Fish Food or Premium Color Enhancing Fish Food

Algae Blooms

Plants and bacteria start growing when the water temperature reaches and consistently stays at 50° F. As plants and bacteria grow, they absorb excess nutrients that algae consume. Until plants and bacteria are able to absorb nutrients, you’ll experience spring algae blooms.

We recommend using EcoBlast™ Contact Granular Algaecide and Algaecide (US only) early in the season.  EcoBlast™ Contact Granular Algaecide removes algae from waterfalls, fountains, and rocks on contact. Algaecide controls both string algae and single-celled floating algae. Both of these products can be used in any water temperature and throughout the season, but they are especially effective helping maintain optimum water conditions until water is warmer and beneficial bacteria and aquatic plants have the opportunity to effectively absorb excess nutrients.