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(630) 659-2057

A pond can be a beautiful addition to your winter landscape. The waterfalls create beautiful ice sculptures, as well as a natural watering hole for wildlife.

If you choose to leave your waterfall running throughout the winter season, we can check your feature every other week to make sure it's functioning properly.

Winter Maintenance packages start at $1500 for scheduled visits (according to weather), or you may pay $250 for each individual visit.

What is Included?

Monthly Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria treatment
Verification that there is a sufficient hole in the ice, providing safe oxygen levels (critical for healthy fish)
De-Icer and Aerator inspection
Assist in fish health maintenance
Maintain proper water levels
Placement on priority list for spring startup service

Winter Maintenance PackagesPricing
Scheduled Winter Maintenance Packages Starting at $1500*
Individual visits Starting at $250

(*Priced according to the size of your pond)