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Ahhh … Spring Pond Cleaning!
Do you love this time of year as much as we do?

As your pond slowly awakens from its winter hibernation, there are a few spring pond cleaning steps that can be taken to make sure your water feature gets off to a good start.

To ensure you have a stress-free experience with your water garden this year, we highly recommend tidying up your pond and giving it a full cleanout, if necessary. This initial investment helps balance your pond water, allowing you to enjoy a low-maintenance water gardening season.

A well-maintained problem-free pond or water feature is the goal of every owner. Doing proper maintenance is the key to truly enjoying everything that your water feature can be. We help you get ready for the season by doing a complete or partial spring cleanout. We not only clean your pond or water feature, we hook up your water pump, realign all of your lighting, and treat your pond water to make sure everything is safe for your fish and plants.

Basic Pond Cleaning

What is Included?

Clean and remove debris from the Biological Filter
Rinse & Clean Mechanical & Biological Filter Pads
Skim & Remove Debris from the Pond
Top Off Water & Reconnect Pump for the Season
Detoxify Pond Water, making it safe for fish and plants

Deluxe Pond Cleaning

What is Included?

Power Wash Rocks & Gravel
Thoroughly Rinse Pond, removing any residual debris
Replace Old Filter Pads ( up to a $169.98 value!)
Check Lights for Proper Functionality
Clean & Reconnect Pump for the Season
Detoxify Pond Water, making it safe for the fish and plants
Acclimate Pond Fish Back into their Environment

Basic Cleanout Starting at $450
Deluxe Cleanout Starting at $850