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Enjoy Your Paradise Once Again with Aquascape Construction Maintenance Packages!

Enjoy a worry-free water feature. The Aquascape Construction maintenance professionals are ready to come out and ensure your feature remains beautiful. They treat your pond just as they would their very own, and they are always willing to answer any questions and solve any problems you encounter.

A worry-free, care-free, and stress-free pond is the dream of every water feature owner. Here at Aquascape Construction, we understand the commitment, time and energy it takes to maintain a gorgeous and healthy water feature. We want to take that burden away and give you a guaranteed fresh, clean, and relaxing pond, waterfall, or fountain.

Our maintenance package offers the following services on either a bi-weekly or monthly basis:

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Items Included in PackageBi-WeeklyMonthly
Adding beneficial bacteria
Cleaning the skimmer net and filter mat
Maintaining the pump
Maintaining the BioFalls® and spillway
Maintaining water level
Trimming and maintaining aquatic plants as needed
Fertilizing water lilies (once a month) 
Repotting plants as necessary* 
Removing debris
Maintaining the IonGen™ System 
Replace IonGen™ Probe as needed 
Maintaining the Automatic Dosing system 
Replacing the Automatic Dosing System water treatments as needed 
Maintaining and repairing Aquascape lighting as needed* 
Assessing fish health
Adding any rock and gravel when necessary* 
Adding additional water treatments as needed* 
Performing a fall shutdown on the last visit of the year 

*May be an additional cost

At the end of every service visit we will leave a Service record outlining what was done to your water feature, service recommendations, product replacement needs, and enhancement recommendations.