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Every autumn falling leaves are inevitable, so it’s best to be prepared and minimize the maintenance you’ll need to do in the late fall and early spring.

When the leaves start to fall, we can add netting to your pond to help prevent leaves from entering the pond and clogging your skimmer and pump. This will also help protect from predators and make clean-up a snap.

We will also ensure everything is shut down properly, protecting your equipment and fish. Adding anything necessary for winterization, making sure you go into another trouble-free spring season.

What is Included?

Pond Netting Service (includes install and tear down)
Cut back marginal aquatic plants and lilies
Pull pump(s) for the season
Install your De-Icer, bubbler or aerator (available for purchase)

Fall Shutdown Starting at $500

*Price for 250 sq.ft. or less pond


Additional Charges for Larger Ponds

(prepaid discount not available for any of the following)

Additional net Starting at $100 each
Additional skimmer Starting at $50.00 each
Pull pump only Starting at $250.00

*Ask for details if you choose to keep your pond running.