Waterfalls & Streams

Waterfall & Stream :: Batavia, IL

Perhaps the biggest fan of the 16’ long Pondless® Waterfall at the Marola home is their pet miniature dachshund. Portillo makes a beeline for the water whenever the door opens to his freedom. The homeowners knew they wanted the sound of running water in the yard but never expected the feature to be such a hit with their pooch. While Portillo frolics in the falls, the family relaxes on the adjacent patio while grilling up dinner for friends and family.

Waterfall :: Naperville, IL

This 60-foot waterfall and stream twists, cuts, cascades, and babbles through a multi-tiered wooded lot. A stone bridge crossing the creek allows people to discover and explore multiple sitting areas as they are greeted by a variety of different song birds. The hand-selected weathered limestone gives this project a very mature and established feeling.

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