Rainwater Harvesting

Harvest rainwater while adding beauty to your home

Stacked Slate Fountain Urn :: Warrenville, IL

A beautiful stacked slate urn rests atop a 500-gallon Aquascape Rainwater Harvesting System. The homeowner uses the captured and filtered rainwater to irrigate the surrounding landscape that beautifies her front yard. Rainwater is captured from the home’s roof, passing through a downspout filter before reaching the sub-surface reservoir. The rainwater is circulated up through the fountain, aerating and filtering the water further.

Waterfall & Stream :: Sugar Grove, IL

An Aquascape Rainwater Harvesting System takes the form of a 3-foot high waterfall with two drops that cascade into a sub-surface 500-gallon reservoir. Rainwater is collected from the homeowner’s roof through two downspout filters and directed to the reservoir. The captured rainwater is filtered up through the waterfall, aerating and improving the water quality. A booster pump is connected to the reservoir allowing the homeowners to irrigate their surrounding landscape with the stored water. The beautiful waterfall was constructed with Wisconsin granite and sandstone-based moss rock. The owners requested a six to eight-inch deep pool at the base of the waterfall for their grandchildren to play in.

Waterfall & Stream :: Sugar Grove, IL

A twisting, turning backyard waterfall and stream was carved into the landscape of this suburban home as part of a 1000-gallon Aquascape Rainwater Harvesting System. Flat, outcropping rocks create interactive areas to view and enjoy the water feature. Rainwater is captured from the home’s roof and flows through downspout filters before emptying into the in-ground reservoir. An energy-efficient pump pushes the water over the waterfalls and stream where it’s further aerated. An attached booster pump allows the homeowners the opportunity to irrigate the surrounding landscape. The family enjoys viewing the waterfall up close, as well as from their nearby deck.

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