Backyard Pond :: St Charles, IL

Who needs to go on vacation when you have a yard like this homeowner? These homeowners initially envisioned a small water feature in their yard ... and well, one thing led to another and now they're the proud owners of a 30'x13' pond with two waterfalls and a stream that lazily winds its way around an island to a second 10-foot round pond with yet another waterfall cascading into a gravel basin. Hostas and ostrich ferns hug the water feature at every twist and turn. Koi dart in and out of the cool, rippling water while an old hand pump fountain spills into a whiskey barrel before overflowing into the pond. The homeowners enjoy lounging in their Adirondack chairs near the fire pit by the pond's edge, and are especially fond of velvet-draped evenings when they enjoy the shimmer and sparkle of pond and landscape lighting.

Backyard Pond :: Downers Grove, IL

Make no mistake. 19-year old Snow White is the queen of this royal pond, swimming below the surface of the water as she glides up to greet the homeowners near the feeding spot off the deck. Her 30-inch, 20 lb. white finned body moves quickly and creates waves as the other koi jockey for position at feeding time. This homeowner is an avid gardener, while his brother enjoys animals of all kinds, and their backyard sanctuary is a testament to both of these pleasures. You can't see the entire pond from any one location in the yard; rather, it weaves its way for 70 feet among the plants and trees. Lingering in this landscape, you'd never know you were smack dab in the middle of suburbia. The brothers enjoy countless hours feeding their fish and watching birds of all sorts bathe in the gentle stream.

Backyard Pond :: Arlington Heights, IL

As you approach this homestead, prepare yourself for something truly amazing! This backyard has it all, but the true centerpiece of the landscape is the 8700 gallon pond carved by careful rock placement. Three waterfalls and a 4-foot stream add the cheerful sound of running water and an outdoor kitchen with pergola completes the outdoor living space. As you wind your way around the pond and over to the patio bar by the kitchen, you'll notice the patio is sunken, providing a unique way to view the pond and 20 fish. Ron loves water and found a creative way to sprinkle it into his landscape. When asked what he loved most about his water feature, Ron's answer was definitive ... "Everything!!"

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