Decorative Water Features

Basalt Columns Water Feature :: St. Charles, IL

A trio of basalt columns creates unique curb appeal for this two-story colonial home. Visitors enjoy being greeted by the soothing sights and sounds of water bubbling from the fountain rocks. Birds and butterflies flock to the feature to bathe and enjoy a cool drink. An in-ground reservoir contains the pump and water to keep this feature running effortlessly year-round.

Spillway Bowl Fountains :: Orland Park, IL

Expansive Spillway Bowls create a unique landscape water feature near a slate and brick patio. Water overflows from the first bowl into the second, creating a beautiful waterfall effect. The bowl’s rich patina creates an aged appearance and the fountain is truly the focal point of the backyard landscaping.

Stacked Slate Fountain Urn :: Chicago, IL

Stacked Slate Urns are a popular outdoor fountain choice and are even more impressive when grouped together. The urns have the look and natural beauty of real rock, but are constructed of durable fiberglass. Seated atop an in-ground reservoir, water is pumped through the urns creating a soothing fountain for almost any space in your landscape.

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