September Product Specials

We’re proud to feature 20% off the following products on all in-store purchases this month:

Protective Pond Netting

Stretch this protective nylon netting across your entire pond to prevent leaves from clogging up your filter or the bottom of the pond while also protecting your fish from unwanted predators.
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Fish and Pond Nets

Aquascape offers a variety of net types and sizes. Fish nets are specifically designed for catching fish without harming them. Pond nets are ideal for skimming debris from your pond. A net is essential to your fall clean-out and maintenance routine to get rid of the muck and debris in your pond before winter.

Cold Water Fish Food Pellets

Aquascape Cold Water Fish Food Pellets contain wheat germ, making it ideal for use in water as cold as 50-degrees Fahrenheit. All Aquascape fish foods contain probiotics that aid in digestion and reduce fish waste, while the high-quality protein included helps to optimize growth rates. Our cold water fish food is specially formulated to aid fish digestion in colder temperatures to keep your fish staying healthy as the temperature drops outside and in your pond.
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Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria

Aquascape Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria helps to provide clean, clear, and healthy water conditions in water 50 degrees Fahrenheit and below, significantly reducing maintenance required. Beneficial Bacteria will effectively reduce ammonia, nitrite, and waste in the pond, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your water feature and less time maintaining it.

Pond, Waterfall, and Fountain Kits

Aquascape water feature kits make it easy to enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds of running water in your landscape. We’ve bundled all the necessary components and installation instructions into convenient kits to alleviate the guesswork of putting all the pieces together yourself. Your only challenge will be choosing which type of water feature kit to install.

Smart Control

Use our new smart control products to program and schedule color-changing lights, dial up or down the flow of your waterfall, and more – at any time from anywhere using the Aquascape Smart Control App on your smartphone or tablet. Come into the store and try it out for yourself!
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Limited Time Product Specials

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