In-Store Product Specials

We’re proud to feature 20% off the following products on all in-store purchases during the month of June:

Premium Fish Food

Aquascape Premium Fish Food is scientifically formulated to provide quality nutrition to all pond fish, including koi and goldfish. The floating pellets will not break apart and cloud water.
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Automatic Dosing System Treatments

Pond and fountain water treatment options are available in convenient pouches, for use with the Automatic Dosing System. Each serves a unique purpose and helps to keep your water feature clean and beautiful.
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Floating Plant Island

The Aquascape Floating Plant Island is ideal for displaying aquatic plants in deeper areas of ponds where no plant shelves are available. Designed to stay afloat at the surface of the pond, the island provides stunning options for creating beautiful plant islands containing aquatic plants.
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Aquatic Planters

Aquascape Aquatic Planters allow you to quickly and easily add aquatic plants to ponds, waterfalls, and other water features.
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