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We’re proud to feature 20% off the following products on all in-store purchases during the month of February:

Aquascape Smart Pond Thermometer

Smart Pond Thermometer

Give yourself peace of mind by monitoring pond temperature throughout the year with the Aquascape Smart Pond Thermometer. This specially designed pond thermometer is easy to connect to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to easily check the temperature of your pond or water feature using the Aquascape Smart Control App. Use the immediate and accurate temperature data to adjust fish feeding schedules, change water treatments, and more.

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Smart Pond Dosing System XT

The Smart Pond Dosing System XT is an electronically operated dispenser that accurately and consistently applies specially formulated water treatments, eliminating the guesswork and routine of manually adding treatments. Pair the control panel to the Aquascape Smart Control App to control, monitor, and receive alerts on your smartphone or tablet.
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Automatic Dosing System

Maintaining your pond, waterfall, or fountain has never been easier! The electronic Automatic Dosing System automatically adds the proper dose of water treatments to your pond - so you don't have to! You'll be amazed at how easy and stress-free it is to keep your pond water clean and clear.
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