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Pond Fish Experience at Aquascape Construction

Enjoy the new Pond Fish Experience located inside the Aquascape Water Gardening Store and Inspiration Center! We’ve made it easy for you to view and select Japanese and domestic koi and other popular pond fish from our new indoor ponds, complete with viewing deck and viewing window!

You don’t want to miss the collection of Japanese koi hand-selected by Greg Wittstock, The Pond Guy during his recent visit to Japan. Be sure to choose a prize koi for your own pond!


You’ll also have fun looking at our turtles and Asian water monitor in the newly constructed “Turtletopia” exhibit that houses our many rescue turtles. The jungle atmosphere combines with our color-changing lights to create a unique experience for our reptiles and visitors alike. You might get lucky and catch a glimpse of the water monitor going for a swim in the turtle pond!

Watch the construction and transformation of our new Pond Fish Experience in the videos below. We had a few challenges along the way, but we think you’ll agree that it’s a great place to experience and see some truly unique koi that you won’t find anywhere else.

Japanese Koi Fish

Watch the Transformation

YOU Gotta See the *BEST KOI* in the WORLD!!

Priceless *FISH TANKS* - Retail Revamp: Part 1

*Turtle POND* Demolition - Retail Revamp: Part 2

*INDOOR KOI POND* Design Plan - Retail Revamp: Part 3

*INDOOR POND* Wetland Filtration System - Retail Revamp: Part 4

Skimmer for *INDOOR KOI POND* - Retail Revamp: Part 5

Indoor FISH POND Disaster!! Retail Revamp: Part 6

Indoor Koi Pond REVEAL W/ Observation Deck and Walls: Retail Revamp - Part 7

*EXOTIC KOI FISH* From Japan Acclimate to Their Indoor Pond

*Waterfall* Construction During Quarantine for Reptile Enclosure

Pond and Waterfall Lights for Reptile Enclosure – ALMOST Finished

INDOOR POND W/ NEW Viewing Window for Prize Koi

A Utopia for TURTLES: Reptile Enclosure Pond

Indoor Koi POND Area and Reptile Enclosure COMPLETE

POND and Water Gardening Retail Store: A Destination for Inspiration!