Greg's Turtletopia

Have fun looking at turtles and an Asian water monitor in the newly constructed “Greg's Turtletopia” exhibit that houses our many rescue turtles. The jungle atmosphere combines with Aquascape Color-Changing Lights to create a unique experience for reptiles and visitors alike. Our collection of turtles includes some of your favorites like red ear sliders, soft shell, Florida yellow bellies, albino red eared slider, and map turtles. Greg's highly prized turtle is "Woody," a large, 70-year old snapping turtle that has his own cozy dwelling.

Watch the Transformation

*Waterfall* Construction During Quarantine for Reptile Enclosure

Pond and Waterfall Lights for Reptile Enclosure – ALMOST Finished

A Utopia for TURTLES: Reptile Enclosure Pond