Large Ponds

McCannon Farm :: Big Rock, IL

A large, existing pond was plagued with large debris build-up due to poor circulation and filtration. The goal was to transform this eyesore into a showcase water feature that could be used as a backdrop for weddings and other special events. A gorgeous new waterfall was installed to add beauty and provide beneficial aeration and circulation to this mucky, stagnant farm pond, while a new constructed wetland adds much-needed natural filtration. A much-needed intake bay sweeps debris off the surface of the pond, creating a stunning scene in this rural location.

Grand Reserve :: Yorkville, IL

Located in Yorkville, Illinois, the Grande Reserve residential development is the largest in Kendall County. The developers needed an impressive entrance to the community that would make them stand out. A stunning series of cascading waterfalls was the solution to differentiate this development from others in the area. The waterfalls have become a destination point for families out for an evening, or children wanting to explore the wonderful world of water.