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Visit our state-of-the-art Water Gardening Store and Inspiration Center for all your pond and water feature supplies. Our breathtaking displays will inspire you to create water features in your own yard to enjoy for years to come. Our professional staff will assist you in making sure you have everything you need to be successful at water gardening, whether you want to add a decorative fountain to your landscape or a beautiful ecosystem pond with waterfalls. Come shop our wide selection of pond supplies, live fish, aquatic plants, fish food, books, and more.

When you visit our full-service store, be sure to tour both our indoor and outdoor water features. You'll see ecosystem ponds, Pondless® Waterfalls, an array of decorative fountains, and rainwater harvesting systems. Be sure to explore our 10-foot waterfall with a grotto for behind-the-falls viewing!

Indoor Displays

Basic Pond with Waterfall

Enjoy a 7’x9’ ecosystem pond with a pretty waterfall. Small fish are happy to call this water feature “home.” Add a few aquatic plants to round out your complete ecosystem.

  Installed price of $5,999.

Basic Pond with Stream

Our 7’x9’ pond enjoys an extended stream, up to seven feet in length. You’ll enjoy listening to the soft, playful sounds as water journeys over the stones and spills into the pond.

  Installed price of $7,499.

Medium Ecosystem Pond

If you prefer a slightly larger pond, you might want to choose our beautiful 10’x14’ pond with up to 7-foot stream.

  Installed price of $8,999.

Stacked Slate Urn

The original Stacked Slate Urn was created with leftover pieces of slate from waterfall projects. Carefully pieced together to create an urn, the fountain was breathtaking … and expensive. Our current urn is made from fiberglass stone that embraces the natural beauty of real stone, for a fraction of the cost. The Stacked Slate Urn never fades or chips and ages like real stone. It’s sure to be the focal point in your garden!

  Installed price of $3,499.

Pagoda Fountain Rocks

Beautiful, stratified limestone rocks have incredible foliation and unique shape and character that provide a pretty, rippling effect as water cascades over the surface of the stones. Available as a set of three, Pagoda Stones are sure to provide hours of enjoyment in your garden.

  Installed price of $3,499.

Tadpole Pondless Waterfall

Our smaller Pondless® Waterfall fits into almost any location of your yard. This feature is ideal for adding the soothing sights and sounds of water to your garden spaces..

  Installed price of $4,249.

Pondless® Waterfall

Next to our Pagoda Stones, you’ll find one of three Pondless Waterfalls in our inspiration center. A beautiful Spillway Bowl creates a unique waterfall with multiple cascades.

  Installed price of $6,199.

Large Ecosystem Pond

A large ecosystem pond located inside our entrance is home to 10 turtles and numerous koi. Greg Wittstock, owner and CEO of Aquascape Inc., built his first pond to house Samson, his pet turtle. Who knew a boy’s dream of owning a healthy pond for his turtle would eventually become a life-long dream of helping others to enjoy the water feature lifestyle?

  Installed price of $20,999.

Large Pondless Waterfall

Six large boulders form the impressive waterfall you’ll see when you step into the Aquascape Water Gardening Store and Inspiration Center. Did you know you can change the sound of your waterfall simply by changing the arrangement of rocks?

  Installed price of $14,699.

Koi Pond

Our largest indoor display pond is home to several healthy, colorful koi. Watch them swim and feed them a bit of fish food. If you’re brave enough, you’ll find they might eat right out of your hand! Koi make great pets and kids love watching them swim. Did you know that the oldest-living koi is over 200 years old?

  Installed price of $24,999.

Spillway Bowls

Inspired by our own construction crew, Aquascape Spillway Bowls create multiple design possibilities. Keep it simple with just one or two bowls, or link several together for an impressive display. Step outside to the AquaGardens and you’ll see them suspended with decorative chains.

  Installed price of $3,499.

Three-Column Basalt Fountain

Core-drilled stone from the Mongolian region creates a stunning fountain. Add one near your front entrance to greet visitors, or place the fountain near a patio or deck. You’ll enjoy its melodious sound from inside the house when you keep the windows open.

  Installed price of $3,499.